Sunday, May 3, 2015

Leg care tips.

Beautiful legs makes an extra charisma to your look. Though you must be acquainted with some of the good beauty tips for your other body parts your legs are no less important for you and need a special  and good care. Besides going to the beauty parlour once a month for a pedicuret, you also need a day to day care to make them healthy, problem free. A number of companies have included various heel and leg massaging creams and other feet related beauty products to make your feet beautiful.

Tips for your legs

You must follow a regular leg care routine. After coming back home, wash the legs properly with an herbal or a soap. Apply an herbal moisturizing lotion after that. You can also go for an oil massage two days a week to get a glowing skin.
Always use herbal oils for massage. Moreover footbath is a must for your legs. Take a bucket of lukewarm water and pour shampoo and 2 or 3 drop of oil. Now soak your half of legs for  half an hour. After that, clean it with the help of a scrubber and pumice stone. You should do it twice a month.

You can keep your nails beautiful by taking a pedicure. It will remove the dark spots and dirt.  Okey we should take a look on this pedicure.

   Here you can have an easy pedicure method which can be done at home. Buy a pedicure kits or the following tools and try it at your home. .

Tools for pedicure.

  1  Small cotton balls
  2  Cuticle pusher and cream
  3   Herbal moisturizing lotion or cream
  4   Nail file and clippers
  5   Orangewood sticks
  6   Acetone
  7   Salt
  8   Lemon 
method of pedicure:
1  First of all you have to take some tepid water in a bucket.
2  Pour your hair shampoo and oil on the bucket full of water.
3  Pour lemon juice and a little salt on the bucket of water.
4  Soak your feet. Put your feet for at least fifteen minutes.
5  Now take out all the dead skins with a pumice stone.
6  Take nail cutter and shape your nails. Do it with proper care.
7 Take cuticle cream and massage your nails with a gentle hand. DO it for some times.
8  Now soak your feet in lukewarm water. Wait for 10 minutes.

This will do enough for your feet. Thanks.