Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to became slim within 7 days

To become slim within 7 days

There are no one who doesn't want to look attractive and fit on their favorite persones eye.we are living in such a world where we have to look beautiful and perfect so we have to be slim. If you want to be slim you have to maintain some tips that will make you look good,gorgeous and attractive.There are some tipes given below.. have to control your food habit.its the first thing you have to do.every morning you wake up in the morning u have to drink a warm lemon juice with no sugar.theyou have to take some fresh air near the green leaves. have to take some work out you have to put your leg up to your hand.and your hands must be on the right position.

3.You have to use honey in stead of suger.

4.Less carbohydrate and more healthy,pure , green vegetables.

5.boiled food is much better.

6.You have avoid oily food.

7.If you are a sports man you can practice it more and more.

8.You can do your house hold chores.

9. Avoiding fast food is very important.